Company specialized in printing on a web offset printing press and environmentally comitted


At Rotimpres we specialise in the printing of high-quality web offset printing press products using heatset and coldset technology. Our high level of automation ensures low initial costs (ideal for short print runs) and faithful reproduction of the customer's original colours.

  KBA Comet-1 KBA Comet-2
Cutting development 578/1156 mm 578/1156 mm
Page capacity 96 A3/tabloid pages 96 A3/tabloid pages
Colour pages 48 pages 80 pages
Weights 40-80 g/m2 40-80 g/m2

"I have worked for several years with Rotimpres in printing newspapers and magazines, and I have always received excellent attention. The quality of the newspapers and magazines they print is unbeatable, and the price is highly affordable. In addition, the human quality of all employees is huge."

Juan Checa
Diario de Prensa Digital


"A serious quality company we have been working with for a long time without any incident. In spite of there being an electrical fault, a general strike or a closed border, there has not been a single Thursday on which our three publications and our ten or so magazines were not printed with care or did not timely reach their point of sale."

Pierre Serre


"Rotimpres is the ideal partner."

Jean-Louis Barrois
Diario JFL PUB

  Komori-1 Komori-2
Cutting development 625/1250 mm 625 mm
Page capacity 32 A4 pages 16 A4 pages
Colour pages Full colour Full colour
Weights 52-130 g/m2 52-130 g/m2

"Cap France has decided to entrust almost all their print jobs to Rotimpres. More than 100 million pages have gone through the Catalan machines, and we have never had any noteworthy problems. The teams have always served us with the same diligence and full availability, and also with a smile that can be heard even over the phone."

Véronique Lelièvre
Cap France


"I like working with Rotimpres, especially due to the professionalism of the technical managers, but I have also been able to appreciate the skill of people working at web offset printing presses, when I came to give the bon à tirer (ready for press) on machines. I am also very pleased with the sales team, who are always available and eager to meet our needs."

Christian Gasparian


"A smile on the lips, a melodic accent and a friendly and professional customer care team: this is what one encounters when entering Rotimpres."

Olivier Gaudin
Groupe Bayard


"At Rotimpres, shortly after giving our approval, we already have the brochures [...] and with high quality in terms of colour. 

Also noteworthy is its team, who are always helpful and willing to help; given that we are not graphic design professionals, this has been very important to us."

Wenceslau Font


"We started to work with Rotimpres in April 2015 and are fully satisfied with this choice. 
Punctuality, professionalism, diligence and great kindness define this team. 
Not to mention the perfect command of French of its different contact people. 
Would you like to send a query by email? In less than fifteen minutes, you will get an answer.
Is there an error in a file? They let you know immediately.
Do some parameters need to be adjusted? The teams work with patience and professionalism to achieve the desired result. In short, a decision we do not regret."

Caroline Bourdery

  Heidelberg XL 106
Cutting development 750x1050 mm
Page capacity 16 A4 pages
Colour pages 5C + UVI Varnish
Weights 80-400 g/m2